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 Salem, Lily, and Greg GETTIN' INTO TROUBLE

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Salem, Lily, and Greg GETTIN' INTO TROUBLE Left_bar_bleue0/0Salem, Lily, and Greg GETTIN' INTO TROUBLE Empty_bar_bleue  (0/0)

Salem, Lily, and Greg GETTIN' INTO TROUBLE Empty
PostSubject: Salem, Lily, and Greg GETTIN' INTO TROUBLE   Salem, Lily, and Greg GETTIN' INTO TROUBLE EmptySun Mar 17 2013, 18:00

((Sorry I'm so late about posting this. Real life and all that~ I'm sure you guys understand. c: ))
((I'm going to be editting this to only include the necessary build up, and THEN just the parts following the group that will be RPing. That group being Salem, Lily, and Greg. Oh, and I left a little bit of OOC chatting in, if I thought it was necessary/just really funny. >>; ))

Bridget: In a not so distant future.... A chocolate girl sat miserably at one of the library tables, her tail tucked between her legs as she swung her legs back and forth. She rested her chin on her hand and sighed, "Detention..."

Salem: Salem plopped down in front of the chocolate girl, copying the position of the chin in a hand. "You're early," he mused, grinning a little at the detention new comer. He, naturally, wasn't fazed by being in detention at this point. He practically lived there. But having a companion would be fun or at least entertaining.

Bridget: Bridget blinked slightly in surprise, having been so wrapped up in her own thoughts she hadn't noticed Salem until he flopped down in front of her. She smiled despite the circumstances. "I thought you were supposed to be early... like a dentist appointment." She taped her cheek with her finger. "Gotta get the tooth pulling over with, right?"

Peppermint: An angry elf got carried in by her round scarf. A disgruntled Yeti places her down near Salem and Bridget and quickly left, rubbing the upper part of his left leg in pain.

Salem: Salem snorted at Bridget's comparison, raising his eyebrows in amusement. "If you come earlier, it doesn't mean you leave sooner." He leaned back and stretched his arms about his head before leaning on the table again. "You, my dear, have just gave yourself more detention time than required. You're supposed to proloooonggg your arrival." He glanced over at the angry elf with a slight wave.

Peppermint: Mint had the dirtest look on her face. "I AM ON DA NICE LIST."

Salem: Salem chuckled at Mint's outburst, grinning over at her. "Not anymore~ There's a first time for everything!"

Bridget: Bridget drooped her ears at what Salem pointed out and slumped more onto the table, resting her weight on her arms as she tucked them under her chin. She shot Mint a tiny smile and scooted her chair closer to her friend's. "Maybe this is the detention hall for the nice people." She glanced at Salem and narrowed her eyes. "... Right?"

Peppermint: "YOU WANNA BE LIKE THE YETI?!" Mint pointed her hammer's head at Salem's legs.

Salem: Salem leaned back from Mint, the memory of being pelted in the head with her hammer when they had first met all to fresh in his mind. "Fine! It's the for "nice people," because "nice people" go to detention all the time." He mumbled, raising his hands in defense.

Jonathon: Jonathon appeared from seemingly no where, talking in a soft tone of voice towards Salem, ignoring the chocolate girl and angry elf, although the hammer made him slightly unnerved. "Salem, what do you do in detention, exactly?

Peppermint: Mint picked up the seat of her chair and loudly hopped closer to Bridget.

Bridget: Bridget went to stick out her tongue at Salem, but at the sudden appearance of Jon, she shrieked in shock and jumped in surprise. She smacked her knees into the bottom of the table and cringed forward, whining. "Owowowowow... Please give more warning next time...."

Salem: Salem turned his head to the direction of Jonathon, getting more and more impressed with the people who were showing up. It was a refreshing change to have different people instead of the usual crowd consistiny of him and sometimes Lily. "Uhm, well... You can't use any magic in this room while it's a detention hall... So that's out..." He tapped his chin. What did he do? Most of time he just moved things out of their places in a feeble form of rebellion. "You're supposed to sit quietly and think about what you've done, but, really, no one checks. Do whatever."

Peppermint: Mint moved her chair to an empty chair, grabbed the backrest with her mouth, and hopped back over to Bridget. She places the chair on the table.

Jonathon: Jonathon contemplated Salem's answer, while subconciously taking into account Bridget's remark. "I think," said Jon, "that this could be somewhat fun..." Realizing shortly after that Bridget might be expecting some form of aknoledgement, he turned towards Bridget. "I'm sorry for startling you. Next time I will attempt to give some sort of warning, although such a thing is incredibly hard when turning from invisablity to visability.

Ashley: "Except usually you're not here because of me, Araignee." Ashley hissed from the head of the room, her hands planted firmly on her hips. "No magic is a given." She gave Jonathan an unimpressed glance and raised her eyebrow. "Kid, I know you can't exactly help it, but if you could at least pretend you can't float and pass through walls, that'd help me be more inclined to let you go at the end of the day right now." She looked between the rest of the students one-by-one. "No magic, no moving anything, no stirring up trouble. Especially you." She jabbed a finger at Salem. "You're already here for life. Don't make us drag you back here for your after life, too."

Bridget: Bridget looked between Mint and the chair she'd put on the table, not getting what that was for. "Uhm... what."

Jonathon: Looking suddenly nervous, he directed his attention to Ashley. "Turning from invisable to visable doesn't count as magic, does it?!"

Lily: Lily shuffled on into the room, a look of annoyance on her face. She had several not-so-fond memories of detention, and hadn't been eager to serve her time. She spotted Salem at a table, surrounded by several other students. She would feel surprised by some of the cameos, but word had already gotten around that Ashley was taking her wrath out on the entire school. She briefly wondered whether they had converted other rooms into detention halls, or if they were going to try to cram everyone into the library. She decided she'd wait and see, and headed over to her partner in crime.

Peppermint: Mint started to poke at the wooden joints with her fingers. She looked at her hammer, then around. No magic meant she couldn't change it into something more useful for woodworking. She looked at the chair again. She poked at her teeth. She had seen beavers do it. Maybe.

Salem: Salem turned around when Ashley's voice sounded out, looking at the very impressed woman at the front of the room. "What are we supposed to do, then?" Salem mocked innocently, raising an eyebrow at Ashley. He knew he shouldn't, but poking the dragon could be fun... For him at least. Besides, he never really had to deal with Ashley before.

Jonathon: Feeling a sudden sense of de sha vu, Jonathon repeated something he had once heard in a strange dream involving text... "So, anyone got good topics for conversation?" At this moment, Jared burst through the doors of the library, only to see that not very many people were there. He gave a sigh of relief as he breathed out. "I'm not late!"

Ashley: "Kind of, Braneeter." Ash tried not to roll her eyes, but didn't really succeed. She lifted up a piece of her limp, black hair to demonstrate as she spoke the next part. "While detention can't MAKE you alive, it CAN prevent the use of magic. Even I'm not free from the effects if I'm hovering over you guys. So if you could find it within yourself to remain visible for the rest of the period, that'd be super." She gave a half-hearted thumbs up before quickly dropping her hand and smacking it on the table at Salem's remark. "You do nothing. You sit there and act like the precious little angle you so obviously are until it's time to get out of my hair." She gave said hair an angry toss over her shoulder, but it fell back into her face regardless. "You may be the spider but this isn't your parlour, Araignee."

Peppermint: Mint heard Ash's comment and quickly raised her hand. She held it up with the other hand and waved it back and forth.

Bridget: Bridget gave Mint a flat stare and shook her head. "No. We do not gnaw the chairs."

Ashley: Ashley sighed heavily and pointed at Mint. "Yes, Elf?"

Salem: Salem jumped at the hand slamming down on the table beside him, holding back a grin as let out a dramatic sigh. "Aye, aye, captain." Giving a slight wave at Lily, he smirked when Mint raised her hand

Peppermint: "Angels are dead. Do we have to act dead? Cause I can't act dead. The last time I did that, my mommy got scared and told me never to stick wooden sword halfs on my front and back with red glitter glue."

Salem: Salem snorted out a laugh at Mint's questions, eagerly waiting for Ashley's reply. "She has a point, you know."

Lily: Lily slid into a chair next to Salem. She shook her head with a small smile at the small elf waving her hand back and forth, then had to choke back a laugh at her actual question. She leaned over and said in a whisper to the Halloween boy, "This is all your fault, ya know."

Salem: "My fault?" Salem responded back to Lily, fake hurt lining his face. "Whatever do you mean, wee one? I have no idea what you're talking about."

Lily: Lily responded with a falsely affronted expression. "Aye, you very well do!" she said, keeping her voice lowered. "It was all your idea."

Salem: Salem's expression broke with a grin, waving Lily off. "I assure you, it wasn't my idea. I wasn't even there." Salem turned his vision back to Ashley before leaning back to Lily and whispering, "Besides, we can't single anyone out... It would make for a very boring detention. The more the merrier."
Ashley: Ashley made a disgruntled face at Mint's question, which had Bridget biting her lip trying not to snort in giggles at the sight of it. She lowered her eyebrows and said very flatly, "If acting dead will get you to behave yourselves, then yes. Act very dead. My say overrules your mother's." She crossed her arms sternly and turned her flat stare on Salem. "You act so dead, the maggots have already got bored of your corpse and left."

Salem: "Can the animals still be ravaging my corpse, at least?" Salem retorted, propping his chin in his hands again.

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<Robot-Fingers> (Manly things...)

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<sbemail10> (I'm sure that Jon would argue the point that knitting is very manly)

<Robot-Fingers> (XD True, Santo, true.)

Ashley: "Your body was too ravaged upon death for them to take any interest, sorry~" Ashley purred, giving him a wide grin that showed off all her teeth.
Salem: Salem mocked a pout and rolled his eyes at the response of Ashley. "Fine. But that's not very creative, you know," Salem muttered, draping himself across the back of the chair. "Are you going to go and leave us to our tombs? Or are you going to linger like a reaper or something?"

Greg: Greg slipped in the door, trying to be as quiet as a mouse. Which wasn't very easy when you were the tallest person in the room. Ashley glanced at him over her shoulder and gave him an unimpressed look, which made him hurry up in his attempts to get to a chair and almost trip over his own feet. He ended up slamming into the edge of the table with his hip before stiffly sitting down with his hands clasped together tightly. "S-sorry..." He mumbled so quietly barely anyone could hear him.

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Ashley: "I'm going to be right outside that door." Ashley pointed to the entrance to the library with her thumb over her shoulder, leaning over Salem predaatorily. "So don't try anything funny. I just have to mark people off as they show up. And leave." She pointed at her eyes, then at him. "So that means I have to SEE you when it's time for you to go. Or else this bout of detention doesn't count, and we get to hang out all over again. Understand me?"

Salem: "I look forward to it," Salem responded flatly, finding Ashley to be a lot stricter than the other teachers at the school. Dull, of course. But he could still have fun. "Never thought you'd be here, Greg." Salem teased when the other not so gracefully entered the room.

Peppermint: Mint raised her hand again.

Greg: "It's your fault." Greg muttered darkly in Salem's direction. He looked at the other people at the table and gave Lily a slight smile. "I'm right, of course, a-aren't I? It's his fault."

Jonathon: Jonathon was having trouble staying visable, and wondering if Mrs.Ashley knew just how hard it was for him. He was soon jittering his legs about as if he had to go to the bathroom, which is about how it felt for him. Sure, he could burst visable for a while, but prolonged exposure... He raised his hand.

Ashley: Ashley sighed dramatically and pointed at Mint. "Yes, Elf?"

Peppermint: "What if you go blind, doe! Den what we gonna do?"

<Robot-Fingers> (I love all these raised hands XD )

Ashley: "Then I guess you're just stuck here forever." Ash said in complete seriousness, wondering what question the elf would come up with in response to that. "Yes, Braneeter?" She addressed him next, and lolled her head to one side, wondering how long she'd actually be stuck in this room with them before they ran out of questions.

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<sbemail10> (lets not give her too much attention, otherwise she may just issue another detention...)

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<CommanderStarseed> (But that's part of the fun! Besides, Jared hasn't done anything to incur her wrath yet. He's safe.)

<CommanderStarseed> (That... that one person that gets to escape so far. >_>; )

Peppermint: Mint started to count on her fingers how many minutes forever was.

Lily: Lily nodded the affirmative. "It is absolutely and completely his fault. I had nothing whatsoever to do with it."

Jonathon: Unsure why he raised his hand in the first place with no real question in mind, he tried to make her understand while simotaniously thinking of a compromise. "well, you see... I don't particularily enjoy remaining visable. It's not that I don't want you to see me! It's that ... it's just exhausting! Maybe you can put some like... flour, on me or something? So that I can be seen without being visable?

Ashley: Again, Ash ended up giving a very disgruntled look, one of her eyebrows raising so much it made her forehead crinkle. "Are you... serious?" She held her hands up, grasping at nothing, as though the air had the answers. "Do I look like I have flour?" She sighed, and went over to an extremely dusty book shelf. She carefully pried a huge tome off of it, and walked back over to Jonathan. With a THUMP, she smacked the book over his head and let the dust settle on him (and the students and area immediately surrounding him). "There you go. Better?"

Noel: Noel approached the class room , and knocked before she entered "hello? is this where Detention is being held?" she asked aloud

<CommanderStarseed> (oh god, i mean she smacked the book with her hand, not HIT HIM WITH THE BOOK, I worded that poorly. She is not harming the students. XD;; )

<Robot-Fingers> (XDD Just boots him. Kyrss, are your refering to his invisibility? Or did I completely miss what you were refering to? XD)

<sbemail10> (just roll with it) Jonathon was unsure what was going on. He saw Mrs. Ashley pick up a book, come over to him... and beyond that, he knew nothing. Suddenly his head felt very light, and everything went black.

<CommanderStarseed> (Yeah, there's something that prevents magic from being used in this room. But since Jon is a ghost, he can't exactly... not be dead. So he's kind of a weird exception. Once Ash is out of the room though, Lily (and some others~) are totally free to try finding the anti-magic macguffin and shutting it off though... :3c)

<christgirl253> (Yeah, sort of. Maybe it doesn't affect subconcious magic? Or we're doing something different? *shrug*)

<christgirl253> (Oh she will, she will...)

Peppermint: Mint got bored and put her hands on the ground and her feet in the air. She felt something on her hand. She lifted up her palm and found an old piece of hard candy. She quickly put it in her mouth.

Bridget: Bridget gagged at Mint eating the floor candy. "Ewww, you don't know where it's been!"

<sbemail10> (Imma have to go, rather unfortunately. Ashley, make up a quick excuse for why jon and jared can't stay! Jon could go to the nurse or something, but I give you temporary control of them once I leave.)

Peppermint: Mint rolled the candy in her mouth. "You are just jealous you don't have yummy floor candy."

Noel: Noel Looked around and seemed sure she was in the right place but wanted to make sure. "excuse me Mrs.Ashley is this where detention's being held?"

Ashley: Ashley belatedly realized what she had just done. "Did I really just hit him with a book?" She asked out loud, as though that would make it untrue. Salem in particular was more than happy to give her an affirmative nod. She pinched the bridge of her nose and bent over, starting to try to pick the ghost boy up around the shoulders. "Hey, you, his friend." She snapped her fingers at Jared and instructed him to pick up the boy's feet to help carry him. As she headed towards the door, she accidentally bumped into Noel, and gave her an apologetic look. "Uh, yeah, it is. If you don't mind sitting somewhere and behaving yourself, that'd be great." She huffed, and decided to address the class before she left. "Due to circumstances, I'm, uh. Taking this student to the nurse. I'll be RIGHT BACK. And if ANY of you-" She stared fiery holes through Salem's head. "- do ANYTHING while I'm gone, you're in even more trouble." And with that, she was out the door with Jon and Jared in tow.

Peppermint: Mint tried to hold her breath.

Bridget: Bridget gave a tiny 'yay', and did guns with her fingers, pointing at the other people at the table. "That means we're half-free, right? Sort-of-free. We're just stuck in this room for a few hours. But we're Ash-free!" She wagged her tail in relief.

Lily: Lily stood up immediately. "While she's gone we could figure out how they're tampin' our magic down. Maybe switch it off, eh?" She gave Salem a look, waiting to see what he thought of the idea.

Salem: "I wonder if we can black mail her..." Salem mused aloud, still snickering at the fact that a faculty member pummeled a student. When Ashley was safely gone, Salem pushed back his chair and stood when Lily did. "Excellent thinking, Lily."

<Robot-Fingers> (I HIT ENTER) "Anyone else in?”

Peppermint: Mint's face turned from light pink, to bright red.

Greg: "That's an awful idea." Greg looked up at both of them in exasperation.

Bridget: Bridget grabbed Mint by the shoulders. "Breathe!"

Peppermint: Mint took in a big breath. "Does talking and breathing not count?

Salem: "Greg!" Salem breathed, rolling his eyes, walking over to his friend and smacking him not so lightly on the back. "We're going to need someone who isn't leperchaun height to see if it's located anywhere high up. Doesn't that sound like a great job for you?"

Bridget: "She's gone, so we're allowed to do pretty much anything! I think." Bridget nodded and grinned. She stood up and waved her hand over her head, as though she needed to draw more attention to herself. "I'm in!"

Ciocci: Ciocci walked slowly up to the library door. She had a knot in her stomach, even though she knew she hadn't done anything wrong. She'd never been in detention before, she'd never even gotten demerits before, yet here she was. She arrived just in time to see one of the teachers - was Ashley her name? - hurry by with an unconscious student. Was that what happened in detention? Whether she liked it or not, she was about to find out. She entered quietly, seeing many of the students milling about, talking to one another.

Bridget: "Thank you, Bridget. The sweet and innocent chocolate dog is in, Greg. what does that say about you, hm?"

Lily: Lily started to protest, but something about the idea of roping the young frankentstein into their plot tickled her fancy. "Aye, Greg, we need you! You're the only one who could do it."

Peppermint: Mint clapped her hands excitely. "CAN I JOIN?! HUH? HUH?"

Noel: Noel Shrugged lightly and sat in the closest empty seat. She noticed all the other students in the room and saw Salem in the corner of her eye. she let out a sigh and pulled out a book to read.

Salem: Salem grinned at the over excited elf and nodded. "Oh, but of course!"

Greg: Greg cringed when Salem hit his back. Not that he hit hard, but it still set Greg on edge and he sat up straighter in his chair with a sour look on his face. His eyebrow twitched sadly as he looked at Bridget and tried to convey a 'How could you' look. She obviously didn't get it, or she did, and just didn't care. "But... I-I..." He hunched in on himself momentarily before standing up with a sigh and towering over the demon next to him. "If I find it, I'm not shutting it off. I'm... I'll just point out where it is. If you want to shut it off, you have to-to stack chairs up or something." Immediately after he said it though, he realized what an even worse suggestion that was, and quickly corrected himself. "A-actually, nevermind! I'll just do it! But that's all I'm doing for your guys's schemes." He crossed his arms and stood with a slight slouch, feeling out of place because of his height.

Lily: Lily laughed eagerly and quickly darted off. "I'll check behind the desk!" she called back to the team of troublemakers, leaving them to divvy up the search on their own.

Salem: "Excellent," Salem laughed, glad to finally loop Greg into one of the schemes. Watching Lily dart off, he looked around the room a little. "I'm going to check by the doors... they probably want to be able to activate it as soon as they enter..." Salem pondered outloud, wandering off to one of the entrances

Peppermint: Mint quickly got up and ran to a corner. She flopped down onto the floor and slowly inched across it, scanning the floor.

Bridget: Bridget perked up her ears as she looked around the room, noticing some of the people not joining in the parade of shenanigans. She ran up to her new friend Cici and hugged the girl without warning. "Cici! You'll help too, right?!" She wagged her tail in earnest, bouncing with the tiny cupid in her arms.

Ciocci: Cici stumbled a bit, not prepared for the attack hug. "H-help with w-what?

Noel: Noel looked up from her book, and decided what everyone else was doing was more interesting. " maybe she hid it in one of the desks" she suggested. She didnt want to encourage them ...but she was entertained

Peppermint: Mint sniffed the floor for clues, then quickly regreted her choice.

Romulus: Romulus walks in through the door to serve his detention he notices everyone all over the place for what they seem to be searching for something what it is he has no idea "Uh what are you guys doing?" he asked

Salem: Salem glanced up at the newcomer and waved over at Rom. "Hendrix is preventing magic... We're trying to turn whatever it is back on."

Peppermint: Mint rubbed at her nose to try to get the floor dust out.

Romulus: "Uh why do you all need magic?" he asked he wandered why it was all so important for them to turn back on the magic switch or what ever it was that was keeping them from using magic in the first place

Bridget: Bridget pulled back slightly from the hug to look in the other girl's face. "We're trying to find the magic-preventor-domahickie to shut it off so people can use magic!!" She explained in a rush, wagging her tail and switching to link her arm with Cici's instead.

Salem: "Because it's boring," Salem whined in explanation, scratching the back of his head as he stepped back from his searching. "It's pretty much just to mess with the lovely Miss Hendrix, I'll be honest."

Peppermint: Peppermint got up from the floor and rubbed her nose more. "It is also cause we got a magic polar bear who can't live without magic and is gonna die!"

Noel: "but"Noel interjected "if you don't feel like causing trouble, I could use the company Romulus"

Greg: Greg heaved his shoulders in a silent sigh, before looking around the room without moving. He was really just looking at areas he was sure were out of most of the other's views, but he wasn't really keeping his eye peeled for anything unnoticeable. Except... "There's a panel on the wall over there." He pointed to a barely noticeable difference in the wall at the far end of the room, up near the ceiling. If you squinted, it looked like a tiny door in the wall.

Romulus: He turns his head over to salem "You do love your pranks don't you salem?" he then turned his attention mint "Wait what polar bear?" and looked now at noel " I am just so confused at this point"

Peppermint: Mint looked at where Greg was pointing, and grabbed her chair and the one she was going to work on.

Salem: Salem instantly perked up, dashing over to Greg to see where he was pointing. A broad grin appeared on his face at Rom's question and nodded. "Oh, yes, I do." He watched Mint grab the chairs and moved over to the wall as well. "Good eye, Greg. I bet that's it..."

Ciocci: "Oh," said Cici, looking concerned. "Are we... allowed?"

Greg: Greg looked at what Mint was doing and gave Salem a nervous look. "Please don't let her try to reach it..." He begged quietly. He'd seen the kind of damage the tiny elf could inflict, and didn't really want to incur her wrath. When you have a nail jutting out of your leg, and your opponent wields a hammer and is perfectly leg-height, you'd be hesistant, too.

Lily: Lily rushed back over to the others who were gathered around a small indention in the wall. "Is that it? That looks promising."

Peppermint: Mint put the chairs seat to seat. "Okay dokey. Who wants to be on bottom?"

Bridget: "Uhm... kind of!" Bridget encouraged, trying to urge the other girl towards to crowd of students near the back wall now. "Look, they've already found something! We won't get in trouble if we say we just went over to see what they were doing..." (Bridget, you're being a bad influence. Stobbit.)

Salem: "Don't trust her?" Salem grinned, nudging Greg in the ribs. "I think she only needs a few more chairs and she can reach. You could always hoist her up too, ya know? So the poor thing won't fall." Salem laughed at the small stack of chairs.

Peppermint: "Salem, you be on bottom."

Greg: Greg gave him a tempermental look before warily approaching Mint and looking at what she'd formed with the chairs. "M-may I try...?" He asked, then stepped onto the deck she'd made with the chairs. Even with that slight advantage, his hands were several inches below being able to reach the panel. With a sigh, he stepped back down off the chairs and rubbed the back of his neck. "S-should I be bottom? I'm not exactly strong... but I'm not completely light either..."

Lily: Lily shoved her way forward. "I'll get it!" She saw with dismay how high up the panel was. "Well... this is a riddle..."

Salem: Salem frowned a little when Mint suggested him being on the bottom, nodding when Greg stepped forward. "Yes, Greg. Yes. You be the bottom." Salem glanced down at the two shorter girls with a frown. "I need to acquire taller comrades."

Bridget: "If only your pen pal was here, Minty. He could just float up there and open it." She sighed, then hurried to the front of the group and poked Salem in the back. "Hey, if I help, can I be one of the higher up ones? I'm really light!! I'm sure I'd be easier to stack!"

Peppermint: Mint turned a little red at Bridget's comment. She squished her own cheeks. If only.

Salem: Salem crossed his arms over his chest, nodding at Bridget. "Definitely. I mean, we could shove the elf on top of you and then shove you on top of Greg." He tapped his chin in thought, eyeing the panel. "What we do when we get it open, though... That's a good question."

Romulus: Rom watched as everyone tried to get a hold of the switch and was amused by their effort you would think that they would have realized that romulus being a werewolf he could jump pretty high very easily but instead is enjoying the current spectacle

Ciocci: Cici watched from the back, feeling uncomfortable. She had the distinct feeling they weren't supposed to be doing this, but Bridget was caught up in it, so it couldn't be that bad, could it?

Peppermint: Mint smiled. "BREAK IT WITH A HAMMER!"

Salem: Salem laughed at Mint's suggestion. "Seeing as I highly doubt it'll blow up, I'm inclined to agree with you."

Greg: Greg paled a little at that thought, but he had already agreed to be the bottom of the pyramid, and he supposed having someone hollow, and a 4' elf on his back shouldn't be... TOO bad... hopefully. He gulped and settled into a position he assumed would work to make him a good platform. Without much warning, Bridget started clambering onto his back, which made Greg squawk in surprise and then duck his head into his chest. If he was a turtle, he would be hiding in his shell. "Minty!" Bridget called to her friend. "Take my hand and I'll pull you up!"

Bridget: Mint grabbed Bridget's hands.

Lily: Lily put her hands on her hips, scowling up at the panel. "I may not be able to use my magic, but I know a thing or two about it. Lemme look at it first, maybe I can figure out how to turn it off?"

Salem: "Not liking the smashing with a hammer idea?" Salem chuckled, standing back to watch the ladder build itself up before him.

Bridget: Bridget paused, standing on Greg's back (who didn't appreciate the pause) with her hand wrapped around Mint's. She shrugged and held out her other hand to Lily. "The more the merrier! I have two shoulders, if you can both fit. I doubt Mint'll just lend you her hammer, if you'll need it, so..." Greg grumbled from beneath the spectacle. "Yes, just invite everyone, why not...."

<Robot-Fingers> (sassy, sassy, Greg...)

<CommanderStarseed> (Frustrated!Greg is my favourite kind of Greg.)

Salem: "Can I climb on, too, then, Greg?" Salem joked, patting his friend's cheek just to stir him up even more. "You're such a good sport. I'm so proud of you - growing up so fast!"

Peppermint: "Thank you, Mr Greg Sir!"

Greg: Greg gave Salem a very deadly glare that made the white of his eye narrow to a pinprick. "You wish you could climb on top of me." He snapped without thinking about it. Then he thought about it and snorted right in Salem's face. "That was unintentionally awful sounding."

<christgirl253> (OMG GREG)

<christgirl253> (no kismesistudes are needed here, I think)

Salem: Salem's eyes widened a little at the uncommon attitude before laughing back. "You've sent my heart all a-flutter, Greg. My my."

<CommanderStarseed> (I'M SORRY. And yeah, don't Salem and Lily already have one? Or they have a rivalry, at least.)

Lily: Lily looked up and shrugged. "See if it's detachable first. I don't wanna break Eve's boy here. She'd never forgive me." She glanced over at Salem and gave a twisted smile. "We'll smash it with a hammer if it comes to it, but I'm a bit 'fraid of the backlash, aren't you?"

<Pinkcatninja> (Salem, put your hands down his pants. I bet you'll feel nuts.)

<Robot-Fingers> (Dead nuts.)

<Santopecado> (lol)

<Pinkcatninja> (If they are still his, they probably work fine. Otherwise they'd have been replaced.)

<Robot-Fingers> (Salem won't complain. It's okay.)

Bridget: Bridget shrugged and finished pulling Mint the rest of the way up, then carefully propped her friend on her shoulders and stood up. "Can you reach it, Minty?"

Peppermint: Peppermint poked the door. "Maybe. Yes."

Bridget: "And? And?" Bridget wanted to bounce in excitement, but refrained given their current position. "Open it up! What's it look like?!"

<christgirl253> (please let it be a candy cane please let it be a candy cane please...)

<Robot-Fingers> (XDD)

Salem: Salem watched the elf excitedly, half heartedly nodding at Lily's question about the backlash. "I'm sure it'll be fine. Maybe..."

Peppermint: Mint opened it up. "It looks kinda funny."

Salem: "What's it look like?" Salem called up, standing on his toes as if he could get a better view of the panel.

Bridget: "Like what?" Bridget wondered, being unable to see it herself. She attempted to look over her shoulder at the other students. "Can you guys see it?"

Peppermint: Mint shruged. "Like the inside of a fancy toy." And with that, she smashed it.
CommanderStarseed> (pffff)

<CommanderStarseed> (mint ain't got time for THOUGHTS OF SAFETY)

Salem: Salem jumped when Mint smashed the panel, the lights flickering above them before going out entirely. "W...What did you do, Mint....?"

Peppermint: Mint smiled. "I did good. Yes."

Bridget: Bridget immediately screamed, her knees knocking together and making the tower wobble. "IT'SDARKIDON'TKNOWWHEREIAMICAN'TSEEANYTHINGTURNTHELIGHTSBACKON--"

Noel: Noel lit a candle and offered it to Bridget " here is this better?" she asked

Bridget: Bridget whimpered and jumped down, holding Mint against her chest as though she were a teddy bear. "Y-yes..." She said with a sniffle. "Thank you so much."

Noel: Noel smiled "don't mention it"

Greg: Greg stood up with a stretch, his back giving off a sickening pop. He turned to the group behind him, his eye glowing in the dark and allowing him to see. "Something tells me that wasn't the magic barrier." In the dark, the white of his eye glanced towards the now useless lights before bouncing back down to look at everyone else. "Just a thought."

Salem: "Good thought, Greg," Salem rolled his eyes a little with a snort, thankful for the little bit of the light the candle gave off. "Maybe Hendrix won't notice the smashed panel.... And assume it's something else..."

Peppermint: Mint let out a slow squeak.

Romulus: " I can see just find in the dark if anyone needs any help?" He asked

Greg: With a creak, two people pushed open the library doors, showing the darkness in the hallway outside too. Footsteps headed towards the candle in the darkness, and Bridget huddled towards Noel, unable to see the intruders. Greg, like Rom, could see them though, and tried to look presentable. "It's the hall monitors." He muttered quickly to the others.

Noel: "I think I have a couple more candles we could tell her we were reading ghost stories" Noel Suggested

Lily: Lily bit back a curse as the lights went out. This was not the intended scenario. Still, she thought as a slow grin spread across her face, this could be fun. She snapped, trying to summon some light, only to have it fizzle and leave an odd, empty feeling in her gut. Darn it, the magic was still off.

Romulus: "I actually like the dark it's nice and it makes me think we are out in the great out doors" Rom stated

Nordic: "Is everyone okay?" Nordic asked in a slightly louder voice then he intended.

Ciocci: Cici squeaked and stumbled back when the lights went off, immediately falling over. As a candle flickered to life, she managed to pick herself up. Her arm was sore where she'd landed on it, but other than that she was alright. She hurried to the flame like a moth, sighing with relief when she saw it was held by her friend.

Salem: "Fine, the lights just went off. Strange..." Salem called back to Nordic, with a sigh as he found a chair to plop down on.

Hannah: Hannah patted him on the arm and came further within the light of the candle, not wanting to look like a creep in the darkness. "I don't see any blood. Didn't hear any lights pop." She glanced at Cici, seeing her rush into the light. "You okay, sweetie?" She asked gently. Some of the students looked pretty scared, while others looked just fine.

Bridget: Bridget gave Rom a pouty look and drooped her ears completely flat against the sides of her head. "That's easy for you to say. I wasn't born with night vision." She whined miserably.

<Robot-Fingers> (Rom the seeing eye dog. Yes. Good.)

<CommanderStarseed> (omg. yes.)

Peppermint: Peppermint put her hands on Bridget's face. "It's okay donkey. Nothing to see really. Just boring."

Romulus: Rom laughed "You stay outdoors as long as I have you probably would have night vision like me bridge"

<CommanderStarseed> (we need a reverse version of one of those leashes for when one person walks lots of dogs. Rom is a dog leading lots of people.)

<Robot-Fingers> (XDD YES)

Peppermint: Peppermint cursed under her breath. "I mean okay dokey."

Bridget: Bridget giggled despite herself at Mint's slip up. "Okay donkey~"

<Creativefreak18> (pfffffffft lol I could see that a giant wolf leading people out of the darkness XD)
Ciocci: Cici jumped at being addressed, then blushed at her own reaction. She obviously wasn't handling herself very well in this crisis. "I-i'm f-fine. Just got, got a little s-surprised." she felt her blush grow hotter. She hated being scared, it always made her stutter so much worse.
Romulus: Rom sighs for a moment "Alright who is currently not doing well in the darkness cause I will help you out if need be"

Lily: Lily faded back intentionally into the shadows. Without her magic she couldn't give herself heightened night vision, but her eyes would adjust well enough, and being unseen was of more use to her at the moment, especially if she wanted to get away with anything.

Hannah: Hannah gave her a sympathetic smile and looked at the rest of the faces in the crowd. She attempted to give Salem and Lily an unimpressed frown, but just ended up grinning mischeviously instead. "Why do I have a feeling this wasn't a freak accident?" She teased. She glanced over her shoulder towards the ajar doors and looked back at them with a forced innocent look on her face. "You know, the wicked witch of the northpole is going to show up soon and show you what's what if you all don't get out of here...." She said with too much emphasis on certain words. "Someone was supposed to be watching the door, but... it looks like they've left!"
Salem: Salem grinned again at Hannah's words, standing up from his spot on the chair. "Strange...again. I mean, it makes sense to evacuate... Don't need students falling over things while this little 'problem' gets fixed, right?"

Hannah: Hannah clicked her tongue appreciatively. "Exactly right~"

Bridget: Bridget jumped to Rom's side, holding onto the edge of his shirt like a child would. She reached out and used her other hand to hold onto the edge of Noel's shirt. "You've got the eyes, and you've got the actual light source. Yes. This is the best spot right now." She nodded seriously to herself.
Romulus: "All right then and again who needs help getting towards the candle light ?" he asked again wanting to help in any way he could

Noel: "well until the lights come back," said Noel as she lit a couple other candles an set them on a table " these are open for grabs"

Lily: Lily took that as her cue, darting out the door. Just before she left she caught Salem's sleeve and muttered, "Aven's room," hoping he'd catch the hint and meet her at the St. Patrick's classroom.
Salem: Salem smirked when he felt Lily tug on his sleeve and mutter something, watching her walk away. "Well, I'm getting out of here before Hendrix comes back... Hopefully whatever happened to the lights gets figured out." He left after that, making his way to the St. Patrick's classroom to meet up with Lily

Ciocci: Cici walked over to Bridget, attaching herself to the chocolate girl. "I'm s-staying with you, if, if that's alright."

Bridget: "That's totally alright!" Bridget said, a little more loudly than she intended. She was still a little rattled from being suddenly plunged into darkness. Without much internal debate, she decided she had the right to have a candle for her and Cici, and picked up one of the other ones Noel had lit. "That's better.." She said in relief, smiling at Cici.

Noel: Noel then took her candle and headed back to her seat. She watched Salem walk away and felt glum. she wanted to say something to him but it would seem it would have to wait
Romulus: "So now what we just sit here I guess?" with the cadle light around rom it made his yellow eyes glow a little bit in the darkness

Greg: Greg looked between the other students, debating what he should do. He didn't exactly what to stick around and face Miss Hendrix's wrath either, but at this point his only other choice was following the two biggest trouble makers. He bit his lip and wrinkled his nose, refusing to believe he was part of this mess as he headed towards the door. 'At this rate, I've caused more trouble than they have...' He realized with dread. 'I was the one who found the panel and then helped get the insides smashed.' At the end of that thought, he found himself running out of the library. Fight or flight instinct had kicked in, but he wasn't sure if it'd chosen fight or flight yet.

<Robot-Fingers> (Join them, Greg... JOIN THEM.)

<christgirl253> (muahahahah)

Lily: Lily waited impatiently by the door to the classroom, wondering if the Halloween boy had understood her. She could definitely pull off pranks without him, but together they wrecked much more havoc than either could manage alone.

<Robot-Fingers> (XDD Fail, greg.) Salem reached the St. Patrick's room, seeing his partner in crime waiting outside. "Plans?" He asked Lily, hopefully.

Lily: She rubbed her chin, "Well, the main benefit of the dark is we can go wherever we please, no need to be half so sneaky." She grinned wickedly, "Not everyone has nightvision. Maybe we could check out.... the clocktower?" She let the word hang in the air. The one place in the Academy she knew neither Salem nor herself had been. It was rumored that Kandi kept a polar bear up there, and she was dying to find out if it was true.

Greg: Peeking from around the corner, Greg discovered he had ended up following Salem and Lily. But now the question was if he should continue to do so, or head in the opposite direction as quickly as possible. 'I've already gotten in this much trouble...' He considered. "H-hey, guys..." He called weakly, using his quietest voice. 'If they don't hear me, I'll just go to my room.' He decided.
<Robot-Fingers> Salem's eyes grew with excitement at Lily's suggestion, instantly nodding his head. He noticed Greg and grabbed his arm a little too eagerly. "We're going to the clock tower, Greg. Lily, you're a genius."

<CommanderStarseed> (Good job, Greg. You've signed the blood contract now. You're going to Halloween with them.)

<Creativefreak18> (*deep voice* MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

<christgirl253> (aw yiss)

Lily: Lily felt a rush of excitement building as she started planning. "Alright, alright. The clocktower's in the center, yeah? This classroom is in the west wing, I think, so we just head east? We can handle the locks when we get there."

Salem: Salem rubbed his hands together deviously. "What do you guys think? Do you think there's a polar bear kicking around over there?" Salem asked quietly, heading in the direction Lily had suggested, pulling Greg along still. (He'll make a man out of you yet, Greg. You can't leave them.)

Lily: "I bet there is," Lily said conspiratorialy. "I've always thought Kandi's been hiding a secret. Wouldn't that just make the best one?"

Greg: At first, Greg dragged his feet, putting some bit of resistance up. But seeing as he had willingly called out to them, he decided he had already resigned himself to this, and he might as well finally get into the 'Halloween spirit' he'd apparently been missing out on all his life and see what this pranking thing was all about... Besides, a polar bear did sound kind of cool. "I doubt it. W-what if we break in there and walk in on Mr. Kandi and Ms. O'Connor in the middle of an act of passion?" Greg joked, attempting to summon some of his own courage.

<christgirl253> (GREG)

<CommanderStarseed> (Greg is secretly the sass king.)

Lily: Lily had to take a moment before she could answer that. "Then you'll have quite a story to tell Eve, wont'cha?" She glanced backwards, not that she could actually see the frankenstein, and added with a devious wink, "and maybe get a few ideas, too."

<CommanderStarseed> (HAHAH)

Greg: Greg was pretty sure despite the darkness, it was obvious his face was glowing bright red. "Guksshjll--" He attempted to talk, but it came out as complete garbled gibberish, which only made him blush worse. If this is what being brave was like, he never wanted to do it again. His entire upper body burned from blushing so hard. "Ihavenoideawhatyou'reimplying." He said in a rush, sounding like a sped up recording.
Salem: Salem stuck his tongue out before shuddering. "Really, guys, we don't need this." Still, he laughed at Greg's response. "Awe, flustered, Greg?" He teased, laughing some more, the disturbing thought of the teachers in the act leaving his mind. "You totally know what she's implying."

Greg: Greg crossed his arms, grumbling. "No, I most certainly do not, and we are most certainly now dropping this subject. Aren't we almost there, anyway?"

Lily: Lily laughed, but took pity. "Aye, I think we are." She approached the tall structure that she walked past every day to get from classes to her dorm. She could barely make it out in the darkness, but she felt adrenalin coursing as she drew closer.

Salem: Salem scoffed at Greg's response, shaking his head a bit. "Such a shame. It must be hard being such a stick in the mud." Salem looked up at the clock tower as they got closer. "So! Think it'll be easy to find?"

Greg: Greg grumbled once more at being called a 'stick in the mud', but was happier to accept that title than he was to discuss the more candid side of he and Eve's love life. He approached the structure warily and joined in the investigation of it, unsure what to even look for. "Do you think it's a secret switch, like we pull a torch and the wall slides open?"

Lily: Lily rolled her eyes. "The trick's always been getting in, hasn't it?" She examined the door in front of her, fiddling with the knob. "This shouldn't be too hard." She probed it, trying to tickle it open with her magic, only to feel that odd empty feeling again. "Ach! Morrigan's beak, my magic's not working out here either! What did that wee elf do?" She could feel her accent getting thicker as she grew more frustrated.

Salem: "Ugh, I hope so!" Salem blurted at Greg's theory. "It'd be way better than just popping in and out. Maybe some traps too." He laughed, watching Lily attempt to use her magic on the knob. He felt his shoulders slump in defeat when it didn't work. "Maybe we can pick it...? I mean... If your magic's all messed up, what if the whole school's is too?"

Lily: Lily considered that. "It's worth a shot. That damper took out Hendrix's magic too, Kandi's enchantments should be shot. Either of you know how to pick a lock? I'm a wee bit rusty."

Salem: "Pfft, please." Salem swatted his hand, inspecting the lock. "...Anyone have anything to pick it with...? Besides that nail in your leg, of course, Greg..."

Greg: Greg moved said leg slightly back, attempting to hide it behind his other leg. "I've got a couple spare sewing needles... maybe a paperclip." He rummaged around in his pants pockets. "Would either of those work?"

Salem: "Definitely," Salem nodded, grabbing the paperclip and bending it, "Surprised you didn't yank out of those gigantic knitting needles you and Yule are always using." Turning back to the lock and straightening the paperclip some more, he pushed it into the lock. After wiggling it around a little, he heard the familiar click of the lock coming undone. "We should totally do the teacher's lounge next," Salem snickered, opening the door to the tower.

Lily: Lily stiffened a little at the mention of Yule's name, but quickly relaxed. "Aye," she said, agreeing with the striped demon's plan. "But let's tackle this first." She walked in and promptly felt something thin, light, and long drape itself over her. She flailed for a moment, thinking anything from nets to spiderwebs, before she calmed and realized what it was. "Garland?" she said, incredulous. "This is a.... supply closet?"

Greg: "I would never misuse one of my knitting needles for such nefarious purposes." Greg scoffed in dismay at the suggestion. Despite himself, he found himself grinning triumphantly when the door opened. Then immediately frowned at this latest turn of events. "I... what."

Salem: "What is this!?" Salem cried out, half anger and half exasperation. He pushed forward a bit more, not finding much else. "Are you kidding me? Wreaths? Garland?"

Lily: Lily fought her way forward, shoving decorations out of her way with a vengeance. "This canNOT be all they're hiding in here. Come on! Glittery hearts? Shamrocks? No, there's no way..." she trailed off as she spotted something in the back of the room. "Oi! There's stairs back here!"

Greg: Greg too joined in the effort to press forward now, (surprisingly) boldly pushing between Lily and Salem to take the first few steps up the stairs. "They don't seem to be boobytrapped!" He called behind him.

Salem: Salem couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief when Lily mentioned that she found stairs, and pushed through the decorations to reach the back. Pushing a skeleton that was hanging in front of him out of the way, he looked up (...down? XD) the dark stairs. "Ladies, first, Lily."

<Robot-Fingers> OH

<Robot-Fingers> (Oh I mean.)

<Robot-Fingers> (That wasn't Salem shouting. XDD Change that ladies first to greg beig the lady)

<CommanderStarseed> (Rude.)

<Santopecado> (lol)

<Robot-Fingers> (He calls em as he sees em XD)

<christgirl253> (omg)

<CommanderStarseed> (RUDE.)

<CommanderStarseed> (I'll have you know Greg is getting a haircut.)

<Robot-Fingers> (And a perm?)

<Robot-Fingers> (Some nails did?)

<Robot-Fingers> (Makeover?)

<christgirl253> (Yule's going to get to him.)

<christgirl253> (I can feel it.)

<Robot-Fingers> (Yule just wants to share his talent)

Lily: Lily followed quickly behind Greg, looking upward excitedly. "Maybe the polar bear's at the top." she said hopefully. She didn't want to give up her dreams yet.

Greg: "I hope it's not a guard polar bear then." He whispered back with a laugh.

Salem: Salem followed the two up the stairs, peering through the dark to see if he could spot anything. "At least you're in the front, Greg," Salem responded. "Wonder what else is stored up here?"

<CommanderStarseed> (RUUUUUDE.)

<CommanderStarseed> (He just likes Greg in front because he's enjoying the view. /hair flip)

<Robot-Fingers> (Lily's at the perfect level. She's blocking the view. Salem is disappoint.)

<christgirl253> (Yeah she is.)

Lily: Lily tried eagerly to peek around Greg to see what was coming up. "Is there another door? What's up there? Hurry up, slowpoke!"

Greg: "I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying!" Greg barked at the two people behind him, seeing the stairs end at a point ahead of him. "Uhm. I see... a flat surface at any rate."

Salem: "With a handle?" Salem asked, reaching over Lily to push Greg's back. "What do you see!?"

<christgirl253> (They are just the cutest dysfunctional group I want to watch a movie about them.)

<CommanderStarseed> (I know! It's like a sitcom. /munches popcorn)

<Robot-Fingers> (As long as that movie has one of those lame Scooby-Doo running through multiple doors with no logic scenes)

<Robot-Fingers> (and they all back up into each other and run away again)

Greg: "I don't see a handle." Greg said, pawing at the wall. "But considering we thought we'd found a supply closet at first, maybe..." He ran his fingers over something that felt like a switch, and without warning the others, he pushed it. (I'm leaving it up to you guys what the switch actually does because I'm torn if it's another decoy like the closet or what could happen. /munches more popcorn)

<christgirl253> (Well, naturally.)

<Robot-Fingers> (A polar bear lunges at Greg. The End. D': )

<CommanderStarseed> (Stop picking on him, omg. D': HE HELPED YOU GET THIS FAR.)


<christgirl253> (Yes, just stick Lily into the lock. Presto!)

<CommanderStarseed> (jkagfkjgjd that hair of her's. pretty solid. just like, tuck the curls together. form a corkscrew.)

<CommanderStarseed> (that's why she gets into the wine so easily. she uses her hair to take the corks out.)

<Santopecado> (lol)

<Robot-Fingers> (Please XD)

Lily: Lily nearly fell over as the wall right next to her slid away. "Aha!" she said, charging in. Inside seemed to be... more supplies. Mundane ones, this time. Pencils and pens. There was a window, and she could see that they were equal with the top floor of the school. "Ach! If we find one more supply closet I'm gonna hurt something..." She stomped around the room until she found another set of stairs. "This one'd better be good..." she muttered, starting to climb them.

<christgirl253> (I'm die.)

<christgirl253> (I swear to you every time I draw Lily she has more hair.)

<Robot-Fingers> (What if.... What if the... stairs don't end... D: )

<CommanderStarseed> (they're going to end up in that famous painting with the stairs going in all different directions)

<Robot-Fingers> (or, they do, but they all give up just before they reach the end. And then Cain is like.... cackling maniacally)

<CommanderStarseed> (if i could actually recreate that painting you know i'd add these three standing on different sets of stairs and looking confused.)

<christgirl253> (omg)

Greg: Greg laughed in relief, but had to agree with the sentiment. "They certainly put forth a lot of effort to keep it seperate and secret." He scratched the back of his head. "On the upside, we know why there's only like, two other supply closets on the actual main floor of the school now."
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Salem, Lily, and Greg GETTIN' INTO TROUBLE
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