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 Holiday Gang Incorporated (Felix, Greg, and Salem)

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Holiday Gang Incorporated (Felix, Greg, and Salem) Left_bar_bleue0/0Holiday Gang Incorporated (Felix, Greg, and Salem) Empty_bar_bleue  (0/0)

Holiday Gang Incorporated (Felix, Greg, and Salem) Empty
PostSubject: Holiday Gang Incorporated (Felix, Greg, and Salem)   Holiday Gang Incorporated (Felix, Greg, and Salem) EmptySun Mar 17 2013, 18:22

((Again, sorry for being late about posting. This one isn't as late as the other one, at least...? ;u; ))
((This one will ONLY include the group it will be following, as they basically started the RP and other people branched off from there.
**Greg is shown to be afraid of unicorns in this RP, but more specifically it's a fear of horses. He's always had it but until recently he thought it was just a random fear - notreallyspoilers, he's terrified of horses because he was trampled to death until he was brought back to life the way he is now. The more you know~
**The scream was Nordic. He was heading after some other students that wandered off of the marked 'safe areas' and he got caught in a bunch of branches, hurting himself.

Greg: Greg adjusted the backpack he had haphazardly slung over one shoulder. He hadn't exactly known what was appropriate materials to bring for a field trip, so he'd settled for bringing... all of it. Everything he could think of. Which meant quite a heavy backpack that was now digging into his shoulder. He pouted and decided to distract himself by looking around - he'd never been outside of Halloween Town before. St. Patrick's was very... green. And alive. It was hard to get used to.

Felix: Felix, in much the same situation as Greg, frowned, eyeing the area thoughtfully. He'd packed sparingly; and, by sparingly, he'd brought his rod and nothing else. He paused in his survey to scratch at the back of his neck, then glanced at the rest of the group, trying to determine anyone who might be worth getting to know.
((By 'in much the same situation as Greg, I mean that Felix hasn't been outside of Halloween Town before. Herpderp don't know if I made that clear))

Salem: Salem dragged his feet as he walked up beside Greg, shoving the large backpack Greg was carrying. "I hope you brought stuff for me," He muttered, squinting around at the green scenery. He really wasn't enjoying the sunshine at the moment, not used to the bright glare.

Felix: The gesutre drew Felix's attention; he paused, studying the two fellow Halloween students. It was as good a place to start as any.

Greg: "Not really." Greg said non-chalantly, now leaning to one side because the shove had drastically shifted the weight placement in the bag. He shielded his eyes from the sun with his hand, and squinted into the forest. "So... d-do we just go in? Or...?"

Felix: Slinging his staff across his shoulders, the cat sauntered over, stopping at Greg's hip. "At's a thought," he offered, as if he'd been there the whole time. "'Course, don't know if it's the brightest idea, y'know, whot with the unicorns and such."

Salem: Salem snorted, looking around at the other students, eyes stopping on the new very cat-like student briefly before shooting his eyes towards the forest in a vain attempt to pass what he saw as a hallucination. Still, he stepped farther away from Greg and Felix, pretending to be occupied with the treeline in front of them.

Greg: Greg went slightly pale and dropped his hand a little too quickly to look normal. He gripped the backpack strap with both hands and twisted them. "U-unicorns...? You mean those horses with huge horns sticking straight out of their face?"**

Felix: "Aye," Felix offered, leaning on his stick lazily. "Hear they git a bit territorial 'round these parts. Course, that's jus' what news passed by back home, so, hey, could be innaccurate." He eyed his new accquaintance with a vaguely puzzled air. "You orright, mate?"

Greg: Greg went even paler, looking more like a person going sickly green than a green person going sickly white. "Terri...torial........" He squeaked, then shook his head to rid himself of the horrible mental images. He might not remember the incident, but he certainly had rather graphic mental images of it. "I-I-I'll be fine!" He said, his voice two tones higher than before.

Felix: Felix leaned even further on his staff, stumbling a little bit but catching himself (and shooting a surreptitious glance to assure no one caught him in the act) "Rooight." He glanced over at Salem. "Yer pal over there looks like 'es makin' a break for it."
((Felix's accent doesn't have any rhyme or reason to it. He basically grew up around ALL THE ACCENTS and sorta oscillates between them but lingers mostly around butchered Aussie))

Salem: "You sound confident there, Greg..." Salem called back, eyeing one of the paths that lead into the forest. He really didn't feel like being around the new student. "So uh... I'm just... going to go in now." Salem breathed when he heard Felix mention him. "You coming?"

Greg: Greg glanced at Salem and shot him a worried look. He knew why Salem was 'making a break for it', but he didn't really think it was safe to be wandering off alone. "Uh, I guess that means i-it's time to face the music." He mumbled, looking at Felix. "I-if you hear any unicorns, warn me first, okay?"

Felix: Felix seemed to ignore the fact that the question wasn't directed at him; he swung his staff up from its resting position, leaning it across his shoulders as usual. "Why not? Us Halloween folk oughter stick together, roight?" There was a vaguely smug undercurrent to his 'sincere smile'. To Greg, he offered another not-completely sincere grin and pointed to his ears. "I'll do my finest."

Salem: "So..." Salem drawled on, keeping a steady pace in the front as he walked along the path, not reallly focusing on much around him. "What are we looking for again?"

Felix: Felix directed his attention to the trees, trying to ignore the question and, by connection, the fact that he'd catnapped through part of the explanation.

Greg: Greg shrugged, since he wasn't entirely sure either. "Something St Patrick's-y...? Look for rings of mushrooms, patches of clovers, the ends of rainbows, etc." He scratched the back of his neck and looked around, not seeing anything but trees and trees and more trees. And though it was still bright enough to see where they /were/, the further one looked into the forest, the darker it got. The view of the distance didn't go very far until it became as dark as night... and though he was used to Halloween Town, he was /used/ to Halloween Town. Expecting a werewolf or other beasty to pop out at you wasn't unsettling when it was your life. But not knowing what was going to pop out, was terrifying. At least to Greg it was.

Felix: There were a lot of interesting things here, vivid foliage that couldn't be found around Halloween Town. He stopped by a patch of moss, cupping his free hand and running a faint thread of power through it. Slowly, a few soft tufts of moss bloomed on his open hand; he compared them to the real sample, glancing back and forth carefully. He went at this for a bit, working until he had a good handful of the illusion-moss, tendrils of it spilling between his fingers. It was a few shades darker than the moss on the tree, and if you looked closely, other small details were off, but it was close enough to please the cat's critical eye.

Greg: Greg glanced over at Felix and widened his eye. "What are you doing?" He asked in surprise.

Felix: Holding up his small illusion, Felix closed his hand on it. Almost as soon as his fingers touched it it dulled, turning orange and then black as it shriveled inwards. When it seemed to shrink no further, he opened his hand again; a flock of tiny bats fluttered out, dissolving shortly after they left his hadn.

Salem: Salem heaved a sigh, kicking a small pebble on the path. "That's boring," he muttered, glancing around. He was wondering if grabbing just a leaf or something was good enough to at least get a pass. He wasn't too concerned about the darkness in front of him and was, in fact, more curious about the areas that were "off limits" in the forest. The most they could find in these parts, he assumed, would be a clover. "I bet we can get some coins if we go into the other areas... Why would leprechauns hang out where everyone else is?"

Felix: Felix flipped his wrist, producing a crow's feather seemingly from out of his sleeve. When he noticed his audience was no longer paying attention, though, he let it melt away in his hand, with a suppressed frown.

Felix: "Wot's yer problem, Stripey, worried you ain't gonna find something on these routes?" He called to Salem

Salem: Salem chuckled a little, pausing to turn around, avoiding looking at Felix altogether. "But, really, what's the worst that can happen!? We're bound to find something right away. I bet it's off limits because of how easy it is for students to get a good grade." Salem growled a little at the nickname, flicking his eyes over to Felix before turning around again. "I'm not terrified of some magical horse-beast if that's what you're implying." He muttered, walking again.

Greg: Greg frowned even deeper, especially at Salem's last remark. "They're a serious threat!" Greg argued, stomping after Salem with a grumble. As unhappy as he was with the idea, he would feel worse if Salem actually ended up wandering off alone and getting hurt.

Felix: The werecat sauntered towards Salem, closing the gap that had emerged when Greg had stopped. "You sure about that, mate? Coz from where I'm standin', yer practically shakin' in yer boots."

Greg: Greg couldn't stop the little smirk that curved up the corners of his mouth. "He's afraid of cats." He whispered.

Felix: Felix was wearing a grin that looked in danger of splitting his face by now. "Ah, but y'don't know the half of it, mate! Dullahans, Will-o-the-wisps... course, the unicorns keep mosta them from the main road...s..." He glanced up at Greg apologetically. "Sorry mate." Felix, for his part, seemed to have momentarily tired of his game of traumatizing Salem. He looked away, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "But blimey, those rainbows gotta be something, don't they? I'd like to see one of those... make a nice illusion, wouldn't it?"
Salem: Having Greg acting as he protective shield made Salem feel a little bit better, but not by much. It was enough that he could at least focus on the the task at hand again. "So... If we can't leave the safe areas... can we at least leave the paths? Because I'm doubting we're going to stumble upon a rainbow for you illusions..."

Greg: Greg nodded, thinking of it. "It would make a nice illusion. Personally, I'd probably want to see it in small scale... big scale sounds like it'd be really bright..." He looked between he and Salem's outfits. The only colour either of them was wearing was orange.

Felix: "Fair 'nough, Stripey," Felix said, with a shrug.

Salem: "It's Salem... Not 'Stripey,' thanks." Salem hissed bitterly, rolling his eyes a little. "How are we supposed to see anything anyways? The woods just keep getting darker." He frowned to himself and sighed again. "I think Miss Aven's been drinkin' one too many ales."

Felix: "Salem, huh..." Felix wandered out ahead; he again had a certain smugness to his posture. "Not a bad name, could use a bit more flourish, something snappy, like..." he paused; then, as if he had plucked it out of the air, "Felix."

Greg: "Oh, and I'm Greg." Greg said quietly, looking sheepish at having forgotten to introduce himself. Where were his manners? "She doesn't drink anymore." Greg insisted, feeling the need to defend the woman's honour. "Besides, *I* can see in the dark." He bragged, for probably the first time in his life. He stood up to his full height and looked around, as though displaying the fact.

Salem: "That's a cat's name..." Salem muttered at the mention of 'Felix.' (We're ignoring Sabrina The Teenage Witch.) "Go be a flashlight for us or something then, Greg. Let's just find some clovers and get out of here."

Felix: "Best kinda name there is, mate." Felix said, grinning. "And I reckon, somewhere in our great magnanimousness, that we might take pity on you poor bloke," he snapped his hands up, with a flourish, producing two small, golfball-sized balls of bluish light.

Greg: Greg rolled his eye and laughed. "I'm not much of a flashlight." He pointed out, but did as instructed and checked around the bases of some near-by trees for anything interesting. On the last tree though, he squawked. "UH. G-GUYS." He beckoned the other two boys over and stared at the tree with a horrified look on his face. It was completely mangled on one side, and he had no idea from what. But it didn't look very inviting. "This IS one of the safe areas... r-right?"

Salem: "This is helping immensely." Salem mumbled at the small light, though, admittedly, it was a lot better than before. "Yeah, why?" Salem questioned when Greg asked, looking at the side of the tree, squinting at it through the darkness. "What the Halloween did that...?"

Felix: Felix was a bit put out at the underwhelming reaction, but was quickly distracted by the sight of the tree. He leaned over it, holding one of his lights right over it.

Salem: Salem jumped at the blood curdling scream** that rang throughout the forest, practically jumping on Greg. "What teacher sends students to a place like this!?"

Greg: Greg tensed, going as stiff as a statue but managing to catch the striped demon jumping on him. He didn't take note of the fact he was basically carrying Salem right now as his eye opened as wide as it could go and glowed brightly in terror. "What was that!? Is it the thing that destroyed this tree? IS IT A UNICORN?!" He turned to Felix with that last question, seemingly having decided the cat was the expert on such matters.

Felix: "I-I reckon not?" Felix said quietly. "Unicorns, they're... fond'a trees, I heard. Don't think they'da do somethin' like that."
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Holiday Gang Incorporated (Felix, Greg, and Salem)
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