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PostSubject: GIMME SOME CHRISTMAS ATTITUDE   Thu Sep 20 2012, 15:53

Your attitude matters! If one person is griping, then everyone gets annoyed or angry. Please post in the way you'd talk to your closest friend that you love very much and never get to see. If you think it would chase them off, don't post it.

For example:

"This is a private chat. Go away."
"If you bump this post one more time I'm gonna scream."
"Stop doing that or I'll report you."
"Don't you have better things to do?"

could be turned into:

"Sorry, but this is a private chat! D: Could you find somewhere else to roleplay?"
"You've bumped this post quite a few times... Maybe you could pm someone instead of bumping?"
"I think that might be against the rules! Could you please stop? :c"
"Please stop that... It's making me uncomfortable..."

Also, smileys go a long way.
Be nice, guys!!
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